About Me

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A Graphic Designer/Artist, currently residing in Orange County, CA, I had my design studio in India for several years, I’m a Graphic Design graduate from Saddleback College, CA.

Recently winning the Graphic Art Education Research Foundation (GAERF) 2017 award, I’m currently busy creating beautiful artwork in addition to freelancing.

Art has always been my passion. In a world of stress and doubts, art is my release. An effort to make sense of all the uncertainties and commotion in my head, when the paint touches the canvas I find a place where I can peacefully exist.

Art plays a huge role in my creative process. Being able to paint is deeply personal and incredibly fulfilling. I often find myself painting about things that I feel passionate about, you will find my paintings have a grounded quality to them since that is how I feel about the things I paint.Sometimes you will find muted tones and sometime whimsical bright colors in my art. There is a little bit of me in all my paintings, each piece is a creation from within, has been created with joy, passion and painstaking detail and hard work.I sincerely wish my paintings will be visually appealing to you. All Artworks are originals.

Be sure to check out my Instagram page at esbeepaint